Eating and Sleeping in Iceland

Eating and Sleeping in Iceland

Before going to Iceland, one thing I have been told is that it is terribly expensive. 

From certain points of view I found this completely true, but from others I am sure you can save a lot if you are ready to accept some compromises.


I found all our accommodations on, a website that offers a wide choice of b&b, hostels, rooms and houses, here is a code for you that gives you £15 back after you book an accommodation anywhere through this link:

And here I will leave you all the links to the accommodations we booked when staying in Iceland:

Guesthouse Bitra (B&B outside Selfoss)

A really nice guesthouse offering breakfast and private rooms.

The Barn (Hostel in Vik)

An amazing hostel with large kitchen and toilets, I found it amazing for the quantity and diversity of people that it can host. 

Lyngás Guesthouse (Rooms in Egilsstaðir)

Nice guesthouse with private rooms and a shared kitchen.

Dalvík Hostel (hostel in Dalvik)

This hostel has been one of the one that we remember the most. The owner has been absolutely friendly and helpful since the first moment, when he called me to check at what time we would arrive, but I have to admit that the first impression has been quite scary for us ahaha

Now it only makes me laugh to think back to that experience, but on the moment it was so weird to be the only ones in such a big hostel and the furniture was also quite peculiar. But it is absolutely amazing as position in the town centre and as I said the owner gave us plenty of advice for our trip (thank you!).

Hvammstangi Cottages (Cottage in Hvammstangi)

Amazing cottages lost in the wild, we saw an amazing aurora borealis right from inside our accommodation and it has been wonderful.

Guesthouse Hof (Room in shared house in Hofgardar)

It is divided between the older structure (where we stayed), that sees several buildings of three rooms, a kitchen and a jacuzzi each, and the newest cottages.

Lækjarkot Rooms and Cottages (Roulotte outside Borgarnes)

Some cottages on wheels that are completely amazing for their position lost in the nature but still close enough to the town.

Selfoss Hostel (Hostel in Selfoss)

A really nice hostel in Selfoss with a big kitchen and a jacuzzi to share between all the hosts.


One thing we always checked when booking a room was the possibility to use a kitchen, in this way we had the possibility to cook a hot rich breakfast and a nice dinner at the end of the day. To do this we use to go to the supermarket at least every two days, trying to stop in larger cities where Bonus Supermarket was present, a chain of supermarket that sells a quite large range of product at a mostly fair price. What we always made sure of was to have bread, eggs and sweet spreads for the morning and pasta with different choices of sauces for the evening. Regarding lunch we had to eat mostly cold food like sandwiches with tuna, ham or cheese, and in one occasion we also made a rice salad in the morning with wurstels, peas, mais and tuna.

Eating outside is not cheap but I would suggest you try the local food at least once during your holiday, what is most typical is of course the local fresh fish, especially the lobster soup, but they also have many dishes made with the local lamb.

A couple of places I can suggest are Kaffi Krús in Selfoss, where I ate an amazing fish soup and the best salmon of my life, and Sægreifinn in Reykjavik, where they grill the fresh fish skewers you choose at the till.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading, I hope you found some useful information in this article! Remember to check the discounts page to find some codes to use when booking your next holiday 🙂

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