Discounts and Promo Codes

Here I will leave for you some discounts and promo code given to me by the websites and apps I use more often when travelling, feel free to use them!

Booking:  a website to book your room anywhere in the world, 
book through this link to receive £15 back after you book! 

AirBnB: an app to book rooms, houses and experience to do when travelling,
book thorough this link  and receive €29 off your first house booking.

Lalalab: an app to print your pictures straight from the phone and have them delivered right to your door!
With the code PGDQPWFX you will get £5 off your first purchase!

TransferWise: an app useful to manage your money in many ways, it allows you to move money from accounts you already own changing their currency but also to order one of their free cards in which you will be able to keep money in more than one currency, like if they were in separate accounts, so that you can always keep them ready for the next time you will go in a foreign country.
Registering to their website through this link you will be able to make your first transfer for free (only valid for values between £200 and £500 otherwise you will incur in a small fee).


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