Here I am

Considering my passion for photography and the necessity I always felt of capturing what I find beautiful and important, I always took a lot of pictures during my trips. But on the other hand it took me years to finally find the courage to open my own travel blog, through which I hope I will be able to help other travellers like me giving advice about how to organise your perfect trip in each location but also about some photography tricks we all should know, but first things first!

Hi, I am Julia!

I was born on 2nd May in Rome and I always loved photography, animals and travelling!

I grew up surrounded by any kind of pet, with a compact camera in my hands and with a mother that always engaged me with amazing trips and pushed me to open myself to the world.

The years passed and our adventures were becoming more and more exiting. I personally think the breakthrough has been in 2014, when we decided to host a student from Thailand in our house for a year through AFS, from that moment my curiosity for foreign cultures grew immeasurably and together with it also my consciousness about what I could do and moreover that I could do it with my own.

So in September 2016, some after graduating from a scientific high school, I took a few things that were important for me and I left Italy to move in England, where I got a three years bachelor degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography.

During my whole permanence in England, I tried to travel as much as possible and when I was not travelling, I was working to put money on a side and planning where to go next.

I hope you will be able to dream and travel through my posts but moreover that they can be an inspiration and a help for you in planning your next dream trip!

For any information please don’t hesitate to contact me through the “Contacts” module at the top right of the page 🙂

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